Ramadan Essentials

 Ramadan, a month of fasting and community sharing. The family gathers after Iftar meal for traditional desert and a cup of tea is essential. Tea is a rich source of anti-oxidants helps digestion and soothing the stomach. We have carefully selected teas preferable to sip everyday during the holly month. Our organic herbal options is a caffeine free herbal blends that helps to avoid dehydration and are perfect to sip while relaxing prior bedtime.


20 products found in Ramadan Essentials

Passion Fruit No.1637
  • From 4.000 KD
Camomile Blossom Tea Organic No.1139
  • 3.900 KD
Fruit Paradise No.1435
  • From 2.700 KD
Sleep Tight ™ Organic No.1254
  • 2.750 KD

Sold out

Ginger-Turmeric No.1244
  • 4.000 KD
Rock Sugar Crumbs brown No.3005
  • 1.950 KD
Anise-Caraway-Fennel Organic No.1250
  • 3.000 KD
For Sleepyheads™ Organic No.1263
  • 4.250 KD
Assam SFTGFOP 1 Mokalbari Second Flush No.155
  • From 6.100 KD
Morrocan Mint Organic No.949
  • From 3.600 KD
China Gunpowder Temple Of Heaven Organic No.510
  • From 3.100 KD
Hibiscus Blossom Organic No.1238
  • 2.250 KD
China Lung Ching Organic No.519
  • From 7.100 KD
"Kluntinchen" Rock Sugar No.3007
  • 1.950 KD
Sage Leaves Organic No.1148
  • 3.000 KD
One for All No.1111
  • 3.500 KD
China Royal Jasmine Curls Organic No.934
  • From 8.500 KD
Ceylon No. 21 OP Nuwara Eliya highgrown No.430
  • From 2.800 KD