White tea – bright delight ! For centuries white tea has been appreciated for its aromatical and fine flavor. Especially in China, white tea is a welcome companion to the tea table, weather in the traditional form of silver needles, with light, still juicy green leaves or as a classic white tea with a light brown color and the familiar white tips. This natural tea specialty whose hand-picked leave buds are dried with special care will tickle your palate. Depending on the growing region, white tea develops a slightly fruity or flowery note which enhances its meek flavor.

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China Fancy White Peony Organic No.532
  • From 9.000 KD
China Pai Mu Tan Organic No.531
  • From 5.550 KD
China Yin Zhen Organic No.517
  • From 17.000 KD
South India White Havukal No.344
  • From 4.500 KD