Matcha Tea


What is Matcha?

Matcha is a high-quality powdered green tea and is one of the oldest tea in Japan. Matcha tea leaves are shaded during growth, the freshly dried leaves are slowly grounded into a fine, jade-green powder in granite stone mills after harvesting. A stone mill grinds about 30-40g of tea in one hour, which is about the same as a cane of matcha.


Highest Standards of Quality and Purity

When it comes to Matcha, you can trust tested quality. Our laboratory examines every matcha we buy for possible residues of pesticides or radioactivity before it is shipped to Germany. This is one of the reasons why we chose 100% organic tea for matcha as well.


Preparation of Matcha

1- The matcha powder is measured with a special bamboo spoon, 2 spoons of matcha in a matcha bowl for preparation of 250ml.

2- Add about 80ml of hot water aprox tempreture 60-80°

3 - with the bamboo whisk, mix the water and matcha in quick z-shaped movement for about 10 seconds, Whisk to a foamy consistency.

4- Enjoy it plain or add your preferred milk.

Because matcha is a powder, you don't just have to drink it, you can add it to your porridge, cereals or yogurt.

13 products found in Matcha Tea

Matcha For Latte Organic No.712
  • 11.750 KD

Sold out

Japan Matcha Sei "Every Day Purity" Organic No.707
  • 15.250 KD
Japan Matcha Kei "Master's Tribute" Organic No.709
  • 26.000 KD

Sold out

Matcha Wa "Cooking For Harmony" Organic No.704
  • 17.250 KD
Japan Matcha Jaku "Ceremonial Spirit" Organic No.708
  • 20.750 KD
"Chasen" Japanese Bamboo Whisk no 27352
  • 10.850 KD

Sold out

Japanese Matcha Set "Michiko" No. 27346
  • 29.000 KD

Sold out

Japanese Matcha Set "Chiyo" No.27354
  • 31.500 KD

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Cemonial Matcha Set " yoru& hiru" Black color No.27356
  • 18.600 KD

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Cermonial Matcha Set 27356
  • 18.600 KD

Sold out

Cermonial Matcha Set "Makiko" Beige color No.27357
  • 17.750 KD

Sold out

Cermonial Matcha Set "Makiko" Coral color No.27357
  • 17.750 KD
Matcha Set "Danny" Ceramic No.27380
  • 45.000 KD