Discover the very special TeaGschwendner Matcha tea line: Organic Matcha for every day, high-quality Matcha for personal ceremonies or Matcha in the finest quality for real tea masters. Matcha - THE superfood - gives power and many valuable ingredients. For the production of our Matcha teas, only the best Japanese green teas (Tenchas) are used, which are temporarily overshadowed during the growth phase. The tea leaves are then ground into the fine green tea powder in traditional stone mills. 

5 products found in Matcha Tea

Japan Matcha Jaku "Ceremonial Spirit" Organic No.708
  • 20.750 KD
Japan Matcha Kei "Master's Tribute" Organic No.709
  • 26.000 KD
Japan Matcha Sei "Every Day Purity" Organic No.707
  • 15.250 KD
Matcha For Latte Organic No.712
  • 11.750 KD
Matcha Wa "Cooking For Harmony" Organic No.704
  • 17.250 KD