Rooibos tea (also known as rooitea / redbush / rooibush tea) is considered the national drink of South Africa. Tea drinkers adore its  pleasant reddish color and the fruity-sweet taste of the beverage, which is also suitable for children. This tea is produced by fermenting the harvested rooibos leaves. Green Rooibos tea is the milder and non-fermented variety. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free, making it a suitable drink also for the evening hours.  

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Almond Milk No.1605 - Tea G
Almond Milk No.1605
  • From 2.200 KD
Green Rooibos Ginger-Lemon Organic No.1378 - Tea G
Green Rooibos Ginger-Lemon Organic No.1378
  • From 2.900 KD
Green Rooibos Woodland Berries No.1636 - Tea G
Green Rooibos Woodland Berries No.1636
  • From 3.550 KD

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Peachy Green Rooibos No.1386 - Tea G
Peachy Green Rooibos No.1386
  • From 2.200 KD
Rooibos African Chai No.1305 - Tea G
Rooibos African Chai No.1305
  • From 2.650 KD

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Rooibos Amarettini No.1383 - Tea G
Rooibos Amarettini No.1383
  • From 1.750 KD
Rooibos Capetown No.1304 - Tea G
Rooibos Capetown No.1304
  • From 2.650 KD
Rooibos Cherry Cranberry No.1340 - Tea G
Rooibos Cherry Cranberry No.1340
  • From 2.800 KD
Rooibos Lemon Organic No.1327 - Tea G
Rooibos Lemon Organic No.1327
  • From 2.700 KD
Rooibos Orange-Peppermint No.1344 - Tea G
Rooibos Orange-Peppermint No.1344
  • From 2.800 KD

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Rooibos Orange™ No.1315 - Tea G
Rooibos Orange™ No.1315
  • From 1.750 KD
Rooibos Pineapple-Passion Fruit Organic No.1375 - Tea G
Rooibos Pineapple-Passion Fruit Organic No.1375
  • From 3.000 KD
Rooibos Plum Cinnamon No.1321 - Tea G
Rooibos Plum Cinnamon No.1321
  • From 2.200 KD
Rooibos Tea Organic No.1302 - Tea G
Rooibos Tea Organic No.1302
  • From 2.300 KD
Rooibos Vanilla No.1307 - Tea G
Rooibos Vanilla No.1307
  • From 3.000 KD
Smooth Strawberry Dream™ No.1335 - Tea G
Smooth Strawberry Dream™ No.1335
  • From 2.600 KD
Winter Magic™ No.1320 - Tea G
Winter Magic™ No.1320
  • From 2.800 KD