Black tea has a stimulating effect and invigorates body and mind. Deep red, expressive black teas from Assam or Ceylon bring powerful, spicy taste experiences, while black tea from Darjeeling or Nepal delights black tea lovers with light, fragrant, tangy cups. Whether classically tart or fresh and floral - black tea offers an incredible variety of delicious flavors and stunning cup colors. Of course, classics such as the East Frisian Leaf Blend and the English Breakfast Tea are not be missed!

Ceylon China Himalaya Tradition

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English Breakfast Tea No.750
  • From 2.350 KD
Assam SFTGFOP1 Sonara Second Flush No.160
  • From 8.000 KD
Assam SFTGFOP 1 Mokalbari Second Flush No.155
  • From 6.100 KD
Ceylon OP "Decaf" No.445
  • From 4.450 KD
Assam FTGFOP1 Mangalam Second Flush No.150
  • From 4.750 KD
Ceylon Pekoe Uva Highlands Highgrown No.410
  • From 4.600 KD
Royal Breakfast Tea No.749
  • From 2.350 KD
China Lapsang Souchong Organic No.581
  • From 3.600 KD
Assam CTC BOP1 Jamguri Second Flush Organic No.107
  • From 2.550 KD

Sold out

Russian Samovar Tea No.739
  • From 2.200 KD
Ceylon OP Uva Badulla highgrown No.440
  • From 3.800 KD
Assam FOP Second Flush No.135
  • From 2.400 KD
Indian Chai Organic No.780
  • From 2.800 KD
Ceylon OP Gampola Organic No.400
  • From 4.500 KD
O'Sullivan's Favorite ™ No.762
  • From 1.800 KD
Colombia El Chocó Organic No.770
  • From 6.300 KD
Ceylon No. 21 OP Nuwara Eliya highgrown No.430
  • From 2.800 KD

Sold out

Assam No. 4 TGFOP Heeleakah Second Flush No.145
  • From 3.700 KD