Ginger Tea

Ginger has been used as a medicinal plant in Chinese and European medicine for centuries. The root is particularly appreciated as a ginger tea, thanks to it's aromatic character and spicy taste. 

Large selection of tasty ginger teas. Discover the amazing Ginger root. Whether as pure ginger tea or as a spicy ingredient in tea and herbal mixtures, ginger gives every tea a special touch and ensures invigorating freshness and pleasant spice in the cup!

14 products found in Ginger Tea

Ginger-Turmeric No.1244
  • 4.000 KD
Ginger Organic No.8668
  • 4.000 KD
Green Rooibos Ginger-Lemon Organic No.8657
  • 4.000 KD
Ginger Lemongrass Organic No.1253
  • 3.500 KD
Ginger Organic No.1241
  • 3.500 KD
Indian Chai Organic No.780
  • From 2.800 KD

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Chocolate Enlightenment ™ Organic No.1279
  • 3.000 KD
Ginger Grapefruit Organic No.909
  • From 3.600 KD
Green Rooibos Ginger-Lemon Organic No.1378
  • From 2.900 KD
Sea buckthorn-Ginger No.1492
  • From 3.200 KD
Mogli Chai Organic No.1268
  • 4.000 KD
Ginger Orange Organic No.940
  • From 2.950 KD
Rooibos African Chai No.1305
  • From 2.650 KD
Ayuveda Tea Kapha Organic No.1297
  • From 5.550 KD